Joelle, my baby.. by : jad shwery

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I i used to wonder why people rush to their facebook when

someone dear to them dies. Now i understand. It s the 2nd time i

loose a close friend in a matter of weeks. Because of that same

fuckin disease. The pain is too hard to bare on my own.. So i ll do

what everybody does, and write about u...

U were my rock. A light in anybody s life. A thunder of beautiful

energy... So many memories: Ur bald head crossing 5th avenue

having a laugh while i was breaking down. Ur screams when u got

a job Place Vendome, a week after landing in Paris, while we

were all still busy clubbing.. U were the strongest fighter i ever

met... And the happiest. U evolved so beautifully. U did beat this

evil cancer because u believed in life till the very last second. I'm

sorry i could only spend time on skype the last couple of months.

And i thank u for ur goodbye message. It is the most touching

message i received in my whole life. Thank u for loving me as

much as i loved u my dearest friend.. My new video just got

released, i can t stop it now.. So i will consider it a shout out for

life and joy in ur memory..

We have so many pictures together but i will choose the first one

we ever took.. At 18.

And for once, i will believe the mansions and the paradise u

dreamt about really exist. Goodbye.